The beauty of Puglia - a borderland suspended between two seas

Here are some of the destinations that you can easily reach in a few minutes.
  CisterninoLocorotondoMartina Franca are the three countries that delimit the Itria Valley and Trulli Olea is located in the center of this magical triangle.


Cisternino (5 km) has been voted one of the most beautiful villages in Italy by ‘I Borghi più belli d’Italia’, an association initiated by the Tourism Council. It is a small town overlooking the Valle d'Itria, in the so-called “Murgia dei Trulli”, take a meander through the maze of alleyways in the old centre and explore its milky houses, colourful balconies and steep stairs. It is also the place to enjoy a good meat dish, which is truly exquisite here, in one of the typical local "Fornelli", where you choose your meat over the counter, just like in a butcher's shop!


Locorotondo (7 km) also known as “Curdunn” in local dialact, the numerous beautiful flowered balconies make it very special.

As the name suggests, (LOCO means place and ROTONDO means round, therefore a round place), the ancient dwellings (called “cummerse”) are arranged in a circular fashion.

Its vineyards produce an excellent white wine that you can taste and buy when you visit the many wineries in the area, and for some years now an important annual music festival has been held each summer: The Locus Festival



Martina Franca (7 km away) is the city with the largest historic centre in the Valle d’Itria, where the white houses are developed vertically and unfold into winding streets, while its baroque charm can be appreciated in the Palazzo Ducale or in the University Palace. Also, in the historic centre you can visit the beautiful Basilica of San Martino.
Martina Franca is a symbol of elegance and refinement and hosts the famous "Festival della Valle d'Itria", an international event for lovers of opera and symphonic music.



Ostuni, the fascinating "White City", is 16 km away from Trullo Olea. Famous for its enchanting narrow streets, whitewashed with lime in a succession of small squares, alleys and courtyards that lead to the vantage points, with wonderful views to the sea. On the top of the village stands the cathedral with its splendid rose window.



Ceglie Messapica, 19 km from Trulli Olea, is now renowned for its haute cuisine, excellent restaurants and the Mediterranean Cooking School, where lessons are held in the cloister of a former Dominican convent, which you can visit should you wish.



San Domenico Golf 26 km from Trulli Olea is a paradise for every golfer, it has a boundless view of the sea, has 18 holes, a length of 6300 meters with a par of 72 and runs along the wonderful Adriatic coast.



Other towns worth a visit are Alberobello (15 km) and Fasano (19 km), the first famous for its trulli houses and the second where, if you have children, you can visit the zoo safari set among the olive trees: all the animals were taken from the circuses and reproduced in captivity. 



  Also, not to be missed: are the nearby Caves of Castellana (30 km), the excavations of Egnazia (29 km), Grottaglie (28 km) famous for its ceramics, and the baroque city of Lecce (103 km) that is particularly beautiful in the golden light of sunset.

And if you are looking for a touch of class you cannot miss Polignano a Mare and Monopoli.



Polignano a Mare (44 km away) is one of those villages you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The song " Nel blu dipinto di blu ", which is known and sung worldwide, was written by the famous singer Domenico Modugno who was born in this beautiful town.  Today a statue of Modugno is placed on the waterfront in dedication to him.



  Monopoli, 35 km away (from the Greek monos and polis) means unique city and certainly still maintains that identity today. It is a seaside village overlooking the Adriatic Sea, its historic centre, of medieval origin, is one of the most beautiful and characteristic and overlooks the sea surrounded by high walls. Here it is possible to admire churches, noble palaces, squares and ancient alleys and by evening, you can soak up the sophisticated nightlife in the squares and alleyways.


And for those who want to go a little further afield:


At 82 km, crossing the Regional Park of the Gravine, you can reach Matera, la Città dei Sassi (the City of Stones) and UNESCO World Heritage. Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world, and whose territory has the best preserved evidence of human settlements starting from the Paleolithic period (old stone age). It represents an extraordinary and captivating story from its humble beginnings to how it is today with its chic boutique hotels and modern-day lodgings carved from the rock.



Castel del Monte (125 km away) is a truly impressive visit. You will be surprised by the uniqueness of this castle built by Frederick II of Swabia in the 13th century, which is universally considered a brilliant example of medieval architecture.medievale.



  If you want to visit the Salento, we recommend Otranto (152 km), Gallipoli (142 km), S. Maria di Leuca (186 km) where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea and a swim in the Maldives of Salento or Campomarino Ionic (61 km).



The nearby Adriatic Sea is about 20 minutes away and you can take a wonderful swim in the nature reserve of Torre Guaceto, an oasis protected by the World Wide Federation. Further back up the coast, there is a protected area of sand dunes.




And if you feel like taking a ride on horseback, there is a riding school not far away (Centro Ippico Parco di Mare in Montalbano) where you can ride between the beautiful scenery of the countryside and the sea. Also suitable for beginners.

Or if you are intrigued by how the famous and exquisite Apulian oil is extracted, we can accompany you to a visit to one of the most avant-garde oil mills in Italy, or of equal interest you can visit a typical local winery, for a tasting.

In every town in Puglia, you can enjoy the local cuisine ranging from fish to meat, from vegetables to dairy products (burrate, stracciatelle, nodini, buffalo), from pasta to desserts. The wines, white, rosé and red, are all excellent.

  In summer, you are never without something to do ….

Trulli Olea - Contrada Martellotti - Ostuni - BR
Coordinate GPS (40°43'58.1"N - 17°23'06.4"E)
Telefono: +39 333 325 9165


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